So what’s all this then?

This here is a professional grade, custom, hand-scooped installation of a WordPress site and the WordPress platform — capable of hosting many WP sites. Want e-commerce? Sure, it can handle that and I could help you set it up.

Its the result of completing a project from David Cohen over at Tutorial Linux. We both agree that when it comes to learning something new — you need to make that new thing a by-product of what you’re really trying to do. The learning is beside the point. For example, my interest in computers stems from my love of video games and trying to get the best performance out of my equipment and network so I could rack up more kills (or just not die soooo very much) in Half-Life Deathmatch and alllll the versions of Counterstrike; followed by BattleField 1942 and so on. I learned quite a bit about performance tuning by tweaking and tinkering.

This type of learning is great. It’s a low stakes environment that allows you to try things out without repercussion. Well, that’s not to say no frustration. There can be plenty of that, and that’s fine. Hard lessons are the best lessons because they stick in your memory. They got me my first gig at Texaco running intranet sites.

So, that’s what this is at a high level — a manifestation of my desire to sharpen my Ubuntu Linux system administration skills and one that I’ve been through four¬†five times now. The plan is to keep on destroying the Digital Ocean droplet this is hosted on at longer and longer intervals until I feel that it’s second nature. In between, I’m going to be tinkering — so there’s probably going to be extra weirdness and impromptu destruction at some-point…but that’s part of the plan, too.