Words about me.

This is my blog. It’s the second coming of my original blog of the same name that, in a fit of ‘eff this shiz’, I just deleted. What was it like? A poor imitation of Dooce? I dunno. If you happen to be ItsTheKitch OG, well, a fond “WELCOME BACK” to you, loyal reader.

This reincarnation wasn’t planned. I really just wanted — at the behest under the remote tutelage of Dave Cohen over at Tutorial Linux — to set up the framework to do some WordPress hosting. It was a cool idea for a project and I’ve been wanting to sharpen / my Linux system administrator skills. Thing is, you can’t set up a WP site without, well, setting up a WP site. So, as I went through the process of setting up Nginx, MySQL and WordPress via Dave’s process I decided to bring back ItsTheKitch and that the “Come Host with Me” site can come later.

I hope that helps explain why I have a webstore selling one Shiznet for $9.99. Setting up Woo Commerce was part of the project…


I like to say I’m from Brooklyn. And I am. Thing is, I grew up in Poughkeepsie. This is the main reason I say I’m from Brooklyn. Poughkeepsie is just 60 ish miles north of the Bronx and northern Manhattan but it might as well be the Canadian / U. S. border. Not a fun part either. “That sewer is named ‘Pooooookeeeeepseeeee for a reason.”, as Breezy says. She being high born from West Hollywood and first of her name and all that.

That said, I’m a Dad. It’s been my job for a bit but now life is a bit more settled and I’ll be bringing you the tame adventures of me, my Kid, my Wife and my two furry sons (our dog and cat).